Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who took our battery? mr alfa romero car driver!

well our car broke down yesterday, Franco couldn't start it last night and found, this morning, that someone had taken our battery.... and given us their old one! so if your the Alfa Romero driver who did this and parks their car in the town hall car park, you have about six months... it was four years old and on its way out!

that car park in the Ayuntamiento in Alhaurín el Grande is a paradise for thieves! how many times has our car been broken in to? how many others? smashed windows, man hole covers thrown onto others properties public announcement signs thrown along with bags of rubbish! graffiti and late night drinking parties!

we have a web cam over looking the back fence, but i think its about time they had some in place dont you!

or should we just be pleased they actually thought to replace our battery with their old one! ha!

was going to end here... but had had a good morning this morning and that was my plan before finding out above news on our car!

this morning i met up with Val, Cristinas, we had coffee and a chat, then a walk and look around the shops followed by lunch back at Bar Rosa, menu del Día, although i was full after the first course which was a rissotto of rice, squid and cod, secundo more cod with fries and desert was flan, of course, and a drink... all for 8€ so not too bad really for these days.

Val is off to England end of June! spoke to another friend today who is also thinking of going back...

think i shall go and hunt for an alfa romero car this evening in the car park .... adíos amigos....



Christine said...

Hi Marian

So sorry to hear about your car it must be very annoying with all your other problems.It does seem as if it is getting worse in Spain regarding crooks, do you feel this.Hope all goes well for you soon.


Marian said...

Hi Chrissie,

yes seems this way, but its everywhere i think, these desperate times are making more desperate people too.

thank you, bye for now