Friday, May 15, 2009

this morning went into town, met up as arranged with friends, they have moved this week, more into town which is good for them, this is their fourth residence in Alhaurín since moving here.

their last place was, although here, so far up a mountain i never even got to visit them!?!

today at last i did! only a ten minute walk down into town, and a little more to get back up home again later for them now...

today we had drinks at Bar Rosa, still so nice having this bar pride of place in the center of town back open again, then we went to get all the things on their list for today, they use a Scottish phrase i didn't know till i met them... one day mi amiga said "ok what about my messages" or something like that, and i said what messages? how do you mean? and she said 'messages' is the name for shopping list!

then after getting everything... we were back at Bar Rosa for drinks... again, another table another drink... only coffee and soft drinks folks by the way, always sounds like we do nothing but booze out here! i think i had a glass of wine a couple of weeks ago if anyone is really checking up on me! ok?

i hadn't thought of it till this afternoon, all the agency sites i have been looking at, and job sections in papers, and on line job sites... today i registered with the job centre in Hemel! bright aren't i!¿!

one job was right up my street so to speak, working in a car dealership, but wouldn't be fair taking a job like that when i am only planning on staying for four months is it.

ok amigos... sure i had lots more to say as usual, i am terrible for thinking of things to say to you then forgetting when i am here! yesterday while talking to a friend in the market he said something which made me think of something i wanted to tell him... but in getting to my point, as usual i built a clock as my Uncle Dave would say... and i forgot what the point was in the first place! ;-) i did remember thank goodness, there is just so much fluff in my head sometimes i cant see through it all...


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