Monday, May 04, 2009

first photo... a beautiful display of flowers on a balcon here... and then below... nice plant near the gate into the urbanisation... have a good look at it, see anything strange?

yesterday we came down to the coast a different way... we took the Mijas pueblo road, as one would if traveling into the pueblo itself, but at the junction where one normally takes the steep left option, we took the lower right one, or straight on really... this led us through the campo, a couple of small urbanisations and into Las Lagunas! we came out onto the road which leads down to the N340 jnt with Avenida de Mijas... near the Euromarket store, American hand car wash etc etc! it was 27k, so longer route, but no traffic, so i guess if the Mijas road gets too busy, then it would be a good option, or even if you wanted to go to El Corte Inglés...

second photo, more close up of the plant near the gate... its fake!?! who would plant a fake plant? how strange is that!?!

not a good night last night, broke a filling last week, then a bit of the same tooth! now suffering, but not sure its actually the tooth or just the general area all around on that side! went to the dentist when it felt like this before and they said i needed a whole load of treatment costing nearly 2000€! needless to say, couldn't go there! and a week later all the pain had gone, sometimes my Fibromyalgia flares up in my jaw and i think its just that, again, will wait and see, i guess i will know if its the tooth or not sooner rather than later! and wouldn't be quite so painful if the glands down my neck didn't come up to say hello in such a painful way to help?!?

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail.
Robert Schuller

love this quote that came to me through Twitter, really made me think, i hope it works on you also...


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Christine said...

Hi Marian
I also had a filling fall out and my tooth broke this week.Went to the dentist on Friday and he had to take it out.So thats another tooth disappeared good job its right at the back ! Are you still staying in Calahonda I have been wondering why you are there.Hope everything ok with you and your family it is strange when you go back to England because my daughter lives in Radlett and when I go to stay for a couple of days we go to the same places that you mention especially to eat.