Monday, May 18, 2009

the other evening... wonderful sunset from the terrace...
shame about that dead plant up there on the left! must do something about it pronto!
actually also you can see to the right of that planter is a flat concrete area some way back... it wasn't there at all a couple of weeks ago, they are building some apartments on the lower road, near the 12 fountains and this is the roof! we hope!

got a bit of a head ache this morning, so this will be short... possibly!

i am worrying over the weather, this April was the best in years, but this May in turning into a cloudy one! we have had more rain this month than most of us expats have known, only a couple of days, but a couple of days too many! the ten day forecast is as changeable as the weather it shows!

when Pippa and i went out for our morning walk the sun was at such an angle that on a main road we were walking down, my feet were on the path with us, but my head was on the pavement on the other side of the road! ugh! tried to keep in the shadows when trucks and cars coming past... i know silly, but was really weird feeling... it is a very broad street and i was very very stretched out over it!

in the waste land we walked over later there were millions of snails! teeny tiny to largest of large! most a pale white color with little lines... a strange infestation!

and talking of infestations... well luckily we didn't have more than the one Processionary Caterpillar come visit! i removed him with the same dustpan we used for the snake last week!!!

whatever next?


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