Monday, May 25, 2009

few pics from El Chorro, above a cute little lizard chap!

and above... zoom in for this please one of those little speedy flyers with a pointy nose to get into those juicy flowers...
i am so good with these technical names am i not!

this time we walked up some stairs we had not walked before, so up and up we went, bit of a steep climb, lots of plants and a tree over the path to climb over!?! but at the very top a cross, and well above where we were before! higher than i had been before actually... there is a path i have taken once before by the green bridge over the tracks... it rises up from there and before i climbed it so far... this time i could see down to where i had reached and this led down to it from here also!

through the cross....

the Vera Cruz church just here with the road works beside....


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