Friday, May 01, 2009

Labor Day, Día del Trabajador

Labor Day of course here in Spain, and other countries... day of the worker! but its turning into a bit of a nightmare for poor little Pippa today! the 'workers' are driving about the town car horns blaring, hand held horns screaming, people on board shouting and cheering... rockets have been going off at any time for the last 5 or 6 hours, with no apparent sequence, a few towns in this recession have limited the amount of rockets or stopped them altogether, not here, (i wish), from the terrace you can hear loads of dogs howling and barking, Pip? she just hides under the table or tries to get into the smallest corner she can... my poor baby! i must say these rockets are just that, rockets, not fireworks, no pretty colors or displays... these happen Sunday! so the rockets are just a whoosh sound, so you know they're coming and then the tremendous bang! shakes the house, and us!

they are building a platform for the fireworks... right behind our house as usual! humph!

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