Friday, May 01, 2009

Calahonda photos...

the interior of El Zoco yesterday... the man dancing? he was walking backwards out of the bar there on the left!

looking up towards to toll road entrance, with Olivios centre there on the right...

the newly constructed end of the CC EL Zoco, remember the fire a few back now?

taken from under the N340! towards El Zoco!

and onwards up to the entrance onto the N340... but Pippa and i go off here usually to the left and on to the beach!

we're home now, and i just took loads of photos of the ride up here, so much work been done in a week! will download and up load on here later, or tomorrow!

Holiday here of course being May 1st, shops are all shut, although i am off now in the search of leche (milk), ooops needs coffee pronto! and need it with milk!



Christine said...

Hi Marian

Thanks for putting photos up for me Have a great weekend


Time for a change said...

So what is El Zoco?

Marian said...

your welcome Chrissie...Mxx

hi Tim... El Zoco is a commercial centre, shops restaurants, bars, real estates, supermarket... few offices, a meeting place i suppose, built? well i have known it as it is since 1989! heck! will have to ask how long its looked as it does! and it looks very Moorish! Mxx