Thursday, May 14, 2009

here is a photo of Pippa i took last week when we were still down at the beach... look at her standing there on her hind legs watched the man and his dog! she is so cute.... just needs a little pink tutu!

with my naked eyes i could see Africa there in the distance? with the camera? nada!

the approach to where we were staying.... beautiful eh!

another view of the road to Fuengirola... my blog this year seems to photos of roads! i must have passed a dozen roads today in Alhaurín along being worked on this week!

quote from A British driver is thought to have broken the Andalucian speeding record. AMcGH from Glasgow clocked driving at 271km/h on the A-92A between Antequera and Baza! heck... I didn't even reach that speed at Donington Park!

this is a great paper, check out the site if you haven't already, today there is a bit about a plant called an Agave... its that tall tall thing we see by the sides of the roads, usually when it looks like it cant hold its own weight up a moment longer and is about to topple over... its says here this long bit maybe 8 to 10 feet high is the flower, and it takes up to 8 to 20 years to flower! flowers only the once then dies! the whole plant dies that is! only suckers forming from the base make new plants and the cycle begins again... i think more respect for this plant next time i pass one is due!

even more respect for the blue Agave from Mexico, can you guess what product this little beauty makes? check it out!

I went down to the Market this morning held in the Feria ground here in Alhaurín el Grande, thought i better had as it may be some time before i get to go again! although past history i haven't been down there on a Thursday since the end of 2006! in Cristina's all of 2007 and some of '08, before the Promotion and then not since!

it hadn't changed! and the temporary bull ring is up and ready for action!?!

Mom is off shortly to see the specialist at Mount Vernon... hope its all good news....

ok amigos... adíos, hey you know whats the betting as soon as i am in England i cant stop myself from speaking español! todo día y nada mas!


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