Saturday, May 09, 2009

heck Saturday! that cant be right... i'm confused? have had very very bad toothache and yesterday Friday went to a dentist who put in a temporary filling for me, while i make the decision of root canal or extra(ction)dition(!) well really my poor old tooth! still better this afternoon, after dentists i just went home and back to bed for the day, head ached, migraine of course! so all of that etc stuff! and this morning got up and took Pippa out for a walk about 730am was still a bit dizzy and couldn't see straight! that took earlier this afternoon to fix!

we did pop home to check on things thinking we would stay down at the beach for the weekend, and that was our plan till Pippa decided that some people who were staying very nearby were too noisy for her... and so she was too noisy for us and we gave up and came home, again!

we found back here in Alhaurín they are about to start work on a couple of roads adjacent to here, the road down from the vera cruz church on calle del convento meeting up with the bits they have already done at plaza alta, and also the little lane in front of the church and town hall, the water pipes are already above the street, so wont be long in starting i guess, but which way shall we and our neighbors be coming and going from? this is the bigger guess mi amigos!

i am still wondering what happened to Thursday? why i didn't get to blog, was it my toothache? i should have been quicker to get it fixed last week when the filling came out, but was ok till Monday evening when it was like someone sticking a red hot needle into my tooth! sorry to be so graphic! i was in pain all the way down my neck? and under my collar bone, weird. but then it was just back to an ache again, and again i thought it would fix itself? until thursday night... arh yes i remember thursday night.. but what happened to the day? this is bad...

ok i was on internet wifi as i see thats the monumentus day i booked my flight (singular) to Luton Airport! maybe thats why i didn't blog? June 4th.... oh heck! been filling out job agency forms here there and everywhere!

also i remember now having coffee with an old neighbor and learning a friend of theirs had died the week before, but as they cant find a next of kin to identify him there are many problems, the police wont allow any of his friends to do so, they also cant find his passport! so the poor man is in limbo...

and Pippa being so nervous, she didn't want to walk near the N340 or let anyone near her to pet her as people always want to do... i am thinking i might get down to the vets again and see about trying her on the Bach remedies she was on before but a different type.

and now i am rambling so think i better go...


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