Saturday, May 16, 2009

Festividad de San Isidro Labrador

Festividad de San Isidro Labrador Barriada (Neighbourhood) of San Isidro, just round the corner is today, another road closed for action! so if your coming into Alhaurín el Grande today from the coast... well not likely with the Fuengirola road closed, and the Mijas pueblo road as good as in the terms of rubble and pot holes! but... if you are of the persivering nature, then when you get to the cross roads by the estanco, please turn right! and only right! straight ahead road is closed past the Vera Cruz church, taking you around the houses by twists and turns to get back on to the calle cruz, the road at the cross roads left, that could take you in, past the 12 fountains and up to calle cruz, is shut for the above festival, lots of stalls up and things happening already i think, or it could just be the rockets preparing us for later?!?

and even worse... if your already in town and want to get out? forget it your trapped if you haven't taken Av de libertad up to park and waterfall bit!

the small alley/road down to the 12 fountains has been newly paved like ours and around about, but the filler inbetween has not been allowed to rest and sink in, not sure if people there were a little eager to get their street cleaned up, but with all the grouting missing those paves, only about 4" by 7" little things, will be sliding down the hill in a heap before long! further down calle cruz they are already moving badly big inch gaps between and wont be long before some bright spark thinks of just picking them up and walking off with them one by one! theyre not cemented in, just reclining there....

i seem to be going through a real clean up phase, cant stop going through my things and deciding whats to keep and whats not!

oh oh more rockets... why? ¿por que¿ oh why? Pippa hiding under the table again, not sure if these Bach remidies working or not yet, sometimes we think yes, then we think no!


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