Sunday, May 03, 2009

on the approach to the garden centre... this was open on May Day, i guess they need all the customers they can get just now, with they're life line from the coast cut off!

and the water tower to the left and the right Alhaurín golf urbanisation...

above... what a lovely looking road! when we got to the BP garage/Moreno restaurant roundabout we had to go so far round it, we thought there was NO exist for Alhaurín at all! but a nice new tarmac road led us towards town, i think this might be a new road onto the Coín road, when that reopens? they have cut down trees and so it makes a lovely avenue!

this morning 7.30am, the rockets started again! and for some reason i decided to actually count them (!) yes weird i know! but there were 40 in ten minutes, then a ten minute break and another 88 for the following 25 minutes! thats a lot of rockets, and a lot of money! even at only 10€ earch 1300 euros mas o menos! (more or less)!

we're getting ready to go down to the beach now... trying another new route will let you know tomorrow, but we will miss the 2am fireworks show from our back fence... please someone let me know how it went!?!

adios amigos...

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