Saturday, May 02, 2009

Día de la Cruz

today is Day of the Cross, our church the Vera Cruz... we were awoken by the rockets firing off again about 730am, we had been late to bed for Labor Day before with people still going past about 1 or 2am from the celebrations... but today, the first Saturday in ages i got to go into town.

firstly i popped into the the new Animals in Distress stop to see a friend, moving from near here on Cruz, up to Blas Infante, so up hill all the way from our house! they are just preparing it now, coat of paint and setting up the furniture etc.

over the road from the shop i looked up to where some friends of mine used to live and on their own balcony the new people has a square dish, not seen one of those for a long time, and didn't know they did them now...

i was lucky to get a lift into town from there... and a quick pop into Cristina's where i used to work, and then as far as Bar Rosa, coffee with friends, then just about to leave when aforementioned friend had finished her two hours in the shop and got into town with her husband.. and another two coffee's!

got home about 215pm! and tired out, from all the walking! and talking!

the band was out and about around town on and off all morning... no batteries in camera!?! and the rockets are still going off intermittently, i am sure there must be some structure to they're firing, but don't know what it is!?!

bunch of photo's above taken Thursday on our back up into Alhaurín el Grande, showing how much the road is changing, bits of mountain missing along the way!


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