Wednesday, May 27, 2009

as you can see Betty Boop was also visiting Mijas Pueblo the other day! getting a bit of sun there on the balcon!

this area, is a haven for Betty Boop paraphernalia, all the big shopping malls, the gift shops on the many paseos maritimos along the coast... even some of the hardware stores.. from purses to tea pots! keys rings to 5' hight statues! see above! bags clothes... everything! i never realised it was such a collectable!

this morning i wanted to sort out some paperwork with the town hall, down at c/real, no such luck, opening hours are short there only from 9am to 1.30pm and thats your lot, although today not open at all! terrific! i did try on the way into town and out of course, gave them the benefit of doubt... or a coffee break even! but no!

our cars radiator has gone now... not stolen as my mom thought at first when i told her last night over the phone bless her! but then easy mistake to make when she hears about our battery going, and the contents of the car! but no its still there! we had a recon rad fitted i think early last year, or could have been the one before... so have to sort out today.

i had a bad head yesterday so didn't get to go to the airport yesterday to say "cherio", but probably for the best, must be so embarrasing when i hang on to people there at passport control!

ok gotto go check out the jobs sites now... wish me luck amigos!



Christine said...

Hi Marian

Just to let you know I have noted your details and hope to meet up with you while you are over here


Marian said...

Hi Chrissie,

great, look forward to seeing you, take care.