Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wow Wednesday already, what's happening to the week!

Tony and Kate arrived yesterday mid day... i got the bus from Alhaurín el Grande to Malaga, took over an hour, every red light, all the road works... and just plain traffic and people wanting to get off or on! i mean the cheek of it!

then got to the bus stop for the airport bus, hardly noticing how the 'new' bus station is coming along, only had to wait 5 minutes and on that next! we drove off quite quick, and 15 minutes later we had circumnavigated the bus station and were by the train station! 15 minutes!?!

we then took a further half hour to get to the airport... i was in high anger mode by then, trying to think where i could take an anger management course... and then trying to calm myself down again, i had no control over anything holding us up so just had to get on with it! i got a message from Tony to say they were in baggage and i got there five minutes later, they were then nearly 40 minutes getting their rental car... i say car! i went down to -1 rentals and met up with them there... now back to the car? its a van really a Berlingo! so nice and big and feel like we're working! just trying to avoid being stopped at any of the many police stops so far this week!

we had fun when we got back home, not, we unloaded the groceries and the cases and drove the van round the corner and up the steep hill, Tony started to drive into the tight right hand turn of the car park and then couldn't move further... i got into the drivers seat and Tony and Kate tried to push us off but to no avail, a guy got off his scooter and told us what to do... he leaned on the bonnet getting a front wheel down on to the ground and i turned the wheel when he said so, and down this pedal and up with that and off and up into the town hall car park we got! phew! we moved the car later, because if we couldn't turn right in the morning we wouldn't be able to get out again either!

today we went to Marbella, walk around, drinks and crépes... then La Cañada, then off to see Franco at work! my honey!

it was a trip up and around Mijas pueblo and the rough bit to Alhaurín and home!

we parked around the corner instead today! near the park, this morning in the park i went on all the out side gym equipment there... was funny, well funny thinking of anyone watching me doing it!

ok tired now, all the extra walking today, and back seat driving... adiós amigos, mañana...


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