Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feria in Alhaurín el Grande!

and i am so tired its as though i have been there last night! i did a quick trip into town this morning, very quick Jeremy Kyle was still on by the time i got home!

was very interesting program on tv last night, we were flicking around when the football was on!?! and came across it, a few things we remembered were if you take in low fat milk, cheese or yoghurt in/with your meal the fats in the rest of your food cling to it and move out with it quicker, also the guy spent some time on a walker thingy in a gym, i thought for 90 minutes, but that seems a long time? anyway he only burned up so many calories, but, and its a huge but! you burn carbohydrates when you work out, and when you have finished the body burns up fat instead! and this mans oxygen was measured and tested 24 hours later and had burned up 3x as much calories after he had finished walking... so folks we can just walk, quick mind you, and burn calories for the next 24 hours!

also another test they did was with soup, they picked two plates of food exactly the same, to one they added fluid and liquidised the lot making a lovely soup, to the other they added the same fluid into a glass beside the plate of food, service men ate the soup or plate of food with drink, later were tested, the ones who had the soup stayed fuller for longer than the men who ate the food with the glass of drink! so soup is a much better food to keep you full for longer.

the show was something like Ten food you need to know about losing weight, check it out if it comes on again or watch on the www of course if you can!


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