Monday, May 11, 2009

we think we have created the problem with Pippa's nerves, or at least exasperated them! so we stayed home last night, and leaving Pip here this morning, I sorted out all our stuff down at the apartment... how come we are leaving with so much more than we arrived with!?! i guess we took a little more every week? did a good Spring Clean and brush up and out! saw an old neighbor and say adiós for a while to her... we were sad... ;-( silly really, have gone for months without seeing her! but this is a bit different...

missed not having Pippa with me, seeing all 'her' places of interest as i walked down to El Zoco, but then she wasn't quivering under the table either, and at home now, she is back to normal and playing with her toys, which she hasn't for weeks now. she had spent the day alone, and sleeping all day no doubt... was happy to see us and seemed very relaxed...

oh heck we had a snake out side the back door Sunday! i was sweeping down the steps from the terrace and then Franco came out and helped me get all the clippings from the trailing plant i cant remember the name of into a bin bag... he lifted two pot plants that had died, surprise surprise not watering them every day! and under one was what i thought was a worm... a really big earth worm! but Franco said its a snake, i of course, didn't believe him... well really a snake! hah! but then on touching it (with the dust pan of course!) it turned real quick and side ways, like a snake and no way can a worm move like that! so in the bag it went! and in the bin it went this morning... after a drive down from Alhaurín to Calahonda... well maybe a holiday or change of scenery eh!


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