Thursday, July 30, 2009

above 7 prickly pears! i purchased these from a man in the street this morning...they were in a bucket on the ground already free of their itchly prickly hairs that you cannot get rid of... Franco and Tony!?! he topped and tailed them, sliced down one side and peeled back the skin for me to remove into a bag he had given me... i gave him a euro and off i went! dont let the look of these put you off! they are lovely cool from the refrigerator... lots of seeds in them a bit like a pomegranate but lots less troublesome to eat! real juicy and naturally sweet... uuum think i will have another one in a minute!

above Winchester Cathedral...

and Mom... just spoke with her and she is having a blood transfusion at noon, another radiation therapy tomorrow morning, then hopes to be home for the weekend, she has another treatment on Monday morning and then that's it! just the three... so fantastic! the scans showed how much the last chemos had done, and now hopefully this blast of radiation will eradicate what's left!

all is looking good now for Moms trip over here in September, no long jaunts while she is here, just our normal haunts i think, and lots of R&R.

its a good friend of mines birthday to day! buon compleanno ed auguri Pia! she was born 13 days later than me on the other side of the country... probably about 3000 miles mas o menos!

she moved to Italy where her parents came from and married her childhood sweetheart... me (well you know the story!) and we were both following Paulo Coelho's camino and became friends! Have a great day amiga!

Don't let people drive you crazy when you know it's in walking distance


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