Sunday, July 12, 2009

i am back already(?) ran out of up load space for this last photo, so back briefly to put this little beauty up, its the top of the high street here in Alhaurín el Grande, you can only come up the street... for now! i didn't know where we were going this morning when Franco pulled out of the car park so we came this way and then had to go back out and down another way! should have brought the sat nav! just kidding!

where we were going was Malaga, first we headed off to Ikea... closed! then to Toys 'R' Us (!) closed, then to Plaza Mayor, looked opened with all the cars parked, but i guess they were doing what we did... parking going in, finding only a hand ful of shops open apart from the bars and restaurants... and out again!

we then headed off to Fuengirola, saw all the new housing, well apartments rising up from the mountain side of the N340/A7 and some of the new works where the tunnel is coming out from Churriana, that will be fantastic, so much traffic will use it to go directly to Torremolinos or Benalmadena, only people with Malaga destinations will use the Churriana strip, as i call it, also by then the direct link roads to the airport will be open... its going to be an amazing change!

anyway... into Miramar we went, that was open of course! did a good old tour of lots of shops only on the lower level, and a coffee first! my batteries had gone in my camera and i had promised photos... so went into the camera shop just as you come up out of the car park, the one assistant was helping two women sort out photos for putting on a canvas and frames, so just standing there basically, i got out the 3 euro for the six batteries and waited... and waited, she saw the money in my hand, and still we waited... and that was it, out i went! sorry but i only wait so long, and i know she only lost 3euro from us, but i expect it happens alot!

so down to another shop, asked for batteries... yes! how much? 3euros! great! walked out with 8 batteries and a cent change! perfecto!

then we were off out with our purchases, got supplies in of milk and chufa! oh and the largest amount of loo rolls you have ever seen... wondered why people were giving me (who was carrying it) a funny look, must have thought i had a bit of a problem!?!

ran out of space on my Twitter with this one...

hey this is funny... out & about today Franco said stay on the path. i followed with "stay on the path, steer clear of the Moors" get it? Spain... the Moors!!! you know who took over the country back in 700 and something! for a few hundred years? no ok... well!

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