Wednesday, July 08, 2009

i just cannot get off this today! got hungry about two hours ago and was going to have some nice toast we bought the other day, then Mom phones, decide to get her travel plans for September into action and now its gone 2pm and still hungry! toast is on its way... maybe!

now photo above, purloined from web, muchas grazias a una persona! but this is exactly what i saw this morning down our street, it was inch and half long.. not exaggerating here, and it was walking along by the side of the little lady who lives down here, he, it, turned from us and looked like it was going to try and gain access into her house, he almost pushed the old door down!!!

had an answer to my question of what on earth is this horrid beetle we are having problems with in our back yard, better now, none so far today, only a few yesterday, the plague seems to be leaving, to where? and please do not return!

anyway, Franco was reading my blog last night(?) while i was watching the whole thing on TV of Michael Jacksons Memorial service in LA... and he said someone had told me what the bug might be! have you seen the comment folks? read now if not then return.....

hum hum hum, hum hum hum


i was watching Torchwood afterwards and it wasn't until later when i thought about what Franco had said i thought, great! will google it tomorrow and see what it says...

well it was Franco! cheeky boy! but maybe i should google it anyway!?!

too hot now for Pippa to even stay up on the terrace when i hung out the washing just now, she is preferring the cool marble floors, and i nearly joined her last night, cant sleep to hot!

so, Mom is booked to come over here now for September, just about the whole month, and then i will be going back to England with her! she dosent mind the trip from Luton over here on her own, but not the return bit, i guess wont be long before one of my boys will have to do the same with me! just kidding ;-)

sure i have lots more to say... like how i have down loaded the Tweetdeck thingy this morning, its great! why didn't i do it before? and how i am obviously eating all the wrong things again at the moment containing MSG, i have signs of it on my face and neck again, so back to reading the small print, and all the hidden words for msg, amazing how it can say, "does not contain MSG" then print out other names for it below, even the numbers! we have had a fair few ice creams, lolly's etc, and some biscuits that had lots of color in! well there it is, when i bothered to have a look!

ok, need food before i pass out, hasta luego amigos... be cool!


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