Monday, July 27, 2009

Mom's appointment isn't until this afternoon, so no update yet, apart from her sounding great on the phone... well i think she is making out great, but she sounds tired and worried to me...

this morning i sorted out some more of the things down here for Cudeca, at the last minute doubled up the books and piled them into a bigger stronger bag, shame i wasn't stronger too! had trouble carrying them, and the handles broke on the big strong bag! already hot day and only just managed to get there! the last bit is up a steep hill... those bins at the bottom of the road also looked an ideal place to leave the heavy bag! and after sit down and a glass of water... not sure what happened there, no strength and heart pounding... back down the road again!

had a quick coffee in a bar and then i had purchases to make! one of which was some bacon, and in the store she picked up the lump of bacon and sliced it for me, i noticed as she picked it up all the green mould on the bottom! she cut that bit off and threw it away... now i have to not think about it when i cook it this even with liver and onions and fluffy mash potatoes! i know its a dinner more for the winter, i guess, but i really do just fancy it, so that's what we're having! mould or no mould! ugh!!!

guessing now none of you will be turning up to share this wondrous dinner this evening? should i tell Franco? yes i think so!

coming up the road from town at junction to car park, a car was coming down the street quite fast the front seat passenger a mother with baby on her lap, 2 or 3 years old and no seat belt, they had to pull up quite abruptly when a car came down from the car park driven by a woman on mobile phone! rest my case!

couple of other things on my list this morning were of course the new clothes line and pegs... not sure what happens to pegs? there must be a whole load of them somewhere, they must grow wings and just fly off!!!

so up onto the terrace i knew i had to be quick or i would be cooking on gas up there, or at least feel like i was on a rotisserie... well maybe not a rotisserie exactly, don't want to be skewered on a spit! but you know what i mean, too hot to be up there turning around and around... and that's what happened, i undid the packet and the miles and miles or plastic coated wire just went crazy! became knotted all by itself and was a nightmare, with me pulling and untangling the blooming thing! not helped by the fact that the quicker i pulled the more i burnt my fingers with the friction! it was already 35 in the shade and goodness knows what where i was standing, all of a sudden the missing line seemed a good idea... had seemed strange just over last evening and this morning it NOT being there! it stretches all the way across the terrace and so for over four years you always duck under it, when the lines are new you duck a little less of course! they stretch soon enough though!

but its up now, burnt fingers and itchy skin from taking off the last knots from the old line... made of a ropey stuff and really horrible and scratchy, like fibreglass! and washing is on the lines, well above head height for now! i haven't used this type of line actually, so lets hope it last longer than the ropey stuff.

then for some reason after all that in town, then the washing line i decided to move things around in our bedroom again! so now the tv is somewhere else in the room, see if and when Franco notices!?!

i must include this article that came to me today, all about bacon! well worth reading, and in spite or is it despite? made me want bacon all the more!

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.



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