Friday, July 24, 2009

yes men and boys with guns, well rifles i think they are? along our little street of little streets! nothing different there then... lots of men with guns on the streets of Spain, at roundabouts, down walking the towns in uniforms and on the many road blocks...

these ones today though have been practising in the plaza behind the house, part of the routine is throwing the guns in the air and banging them on the ground, looks good during the parades...

and this morning i worked up a real sweat in the cave, was cooler in there that outside but it was pouring off me! loverly eh! will have to take a photo maybe later... of the cave! looks soooo much better now, all of the car boot sale stuff and all the rubbish gone from the cave! and is now either in the back lobby, dining room or living room! yes well, more chance of it moving on and out of the house altogether from these rooms!

some of the boot sale stuff has moved into the house, not much though, one of those clothes things that gather off the fluff from clothes, a couple of fans... one very much is use already, my old one had fallen to pieces only the other day from too much waving around!

been busy keeping myself busy worrying about Mom's scans today, no point in calling her till this evening, and then no news of results until Monday. which now seems like an eternity away...

Mom always lights a candle for me when i am doing something she thinks necessitates an extra good wish... and i have been burning a candle for her too, since 9am and will keep one burning till i speak to her later...

above photo came courtesy of some great works on here for you to check out.

i have just read today's Gratitude Day 33 and think i will add a part of it here...

Through the words of another time, the ancients invited
us to embrace our lost mode of prayer as a
consciousness that we become, rather than a
prescribed form of action that we perform upon
In words that are as simple as they are elegant,
we are reminded to be "surrounded" by the answer to our
prayers and "enveloped" by the conditions that we choose
to experience. In the modern idiom, this description
suggests to us that to effect change in our world, we are
invited to first have the feelings of the change
having happened.

~ Gregg Braden


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