Wednesday, July 29, 2009

last evening my Mom phoned me to say she was having problem again, the tablets not working any more.... she was worried about calling an ambulance which would only take her to Watford General, problem being they said if the problem returned to go to Mount Vernon, but that's not open to incomers during the night or evening, so she called me back later and after speaking to a doctor there, she had to phone the medics who have i presume! taken her to Watford, was about 11.15pm here when i last spoke to her and will call the ward she was in before in an hours time to check she is there all right, and then i presume will move her to Mount Vernon.

i didn't get to blog yesterday, turn on the computer or really do much of anything. i forced myself to go into town, without a bag of stuff for Cudeca, tried a pack on my back with some books and vids, but was a no go! i went to the dog rescue shop to see friends, and then straight back home again, without stopping anywhere.

think this weather has got to me, not sleeping well at night which means lots of moving about, which in turn means lots of pain the following day, and maybe the fan over the bed going all night isn't helping me either, well it is in the sense of giving us a bit of air... but the constant breeze has given me ear ache and head ache for a week now, after i walked Pippa yesterday morning i came home and flaked out for another hour, and then home from town, was out again for another few hours... i planned a lay in till 7.30am this morning... but the guy doing all the drilling from before 7am didn't help at all! and then when Pippa and i came out of the house and i saw where he was drilling it meant we couldn't walk where we usually do and had to go up an impossible steep hill to get to the park... hey ho!

we all cant believe how hot it is, and its not our hottest month yet, here's to August! help!?! no one is moving very fast and the streets and shops seem so empty, or maybe i am just in town so early to avoid the heat? you only have to open a can of soda, or lift a lid on a pan and you come out in a sweat! you shower and need to shower again! its the time of the year you have to remember to drink all that water that your losing at every turn, lots of people are coughing including me, either the heat, dust or well was going to say humidity, and checked out my weather thingy on my gmail page, but it says 86% humidity and rain for today!?! which in turn has made me have to get up to check out the sky! which is a clear white blue, the color of heat and not a cloud in the sky? but well if it does rain despite the rain being filthy brown at this time of the year when none has fallen for ages i will run, well walk up onto the roof and open my arms to the skys!

Tony just said what's happened to the summer as promised in England, what was it? the hottest forecast for decades? and i said well that because i am going to be there, and throughout June is wasn't to bad... then i came home and it all went pear shaped! ooops sorry!

and for now, i am done in... and in need of coffee, again!


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