Sunday, July 12, 2009

here are a few shots from town this morning on our way around, as the main road was closed we had a bit of a detour down to the lower road to skirt back up to the high street, we usually use the upper de la Torre Road, we always feel its quicker, but everyone has their favourite road to use towards Malaga i suppose, some people i know go via Cartama!?! seems a lot longer to us, but i suppose depends on where your going to also!

these two are taken on the Cartama road actually caught some friends of mine here!

here above and below are two i took coming to Moreno's for lunch on the Mijas road...

and finally here is the Moreno we ate in today for Franco's birthday, he has rabbit in garlic sauce and fries, i had the Paella... that had rabbit in too, was lovely, followed by flan for me and icecream for Franco!

now we're home, i am on here and Franco is on his playstation! arh... boys will be boys eh!

my mouse button is'nt working so must finish here and restart or something, i keep doing it, must be a short cut to change the way you can use the mouse and i am doing it without knowing it!

most annoying!


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