Friday, July 31, 2009

Another bomb blast this time in Majorca, and the day after Burgos in northern Spain...

now we are definitely expecting more, remember last year when i was working in Torremolinos and bombs then... i think it may be more of a case of where? rather than when?

sad sad news too of Bobby Robson... my thoughts are with his family friends and many many fans around the world...

nearer to home, well actually in the house we have the yearly ant problem! i have caught a couple of scout ants, you know the ones... sent out to find food and to return to the others to tell em where to come and get it! so they have lost those few, but when i opened another cupboard yesterday there was a whole pack of them running wild in there... who i am sorry to say will not be returning heros either! they are the tiny ones that nip and hurt!

i forgot to say on Wednesday evening i had a call from some friends who were having a drink at the bar near here at Plaza Alta, they said come and join us? i declined to start, then thought, heck not seen them for seven months, could be seven months more before i see them again, so off i went, Franco didn't want to come, just put an order in for some ciggies from the kiosk there! i had to change from a top i had to something clean.. and dry!?! and was difficult trying to get in on so rapidly!

so a small cerveza and an hour later the man in the kiosk was shutting shop i ran over to get Francos L&M rapidamente! phew! and then i was home again, only out from dusk till dark!

near the bar a group of lads who i think had just been playing in the band practice were shouting at every passing girl, in cars or foot, with them yelling back at them to shut up! then they bot bored and starting placing things on the road so the next car would have to either negotiate around said article or drive over it, sometimes taking the thing caught up front!

then a scooter came past driving at a good speed, maybe 30 or so i think and the rear passenger was holding on to something! you wouldn't believe what! a guy on a bicycle! hands out stretched from one to the other!!!!

hopefully hear from Mom this evening when she is home... no news yet as to what time....

Love is an act of endless forgiveness.




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