Monday, July 13, 2009

Sorry about the quality of these photos... it was 7am this morning! feeling like secret squirrel trying to use my camera and not be seen doing so!

above one of our smaller streets in Alhaurín el Grande, yes its a street! goes by the name of Burgos don't you know! and yes you can get the car down and out of this little exist onto the main road!

these two pics, above and below are off the park which holds the out door gym equipment, i do sometimes use two of the pieces, although bit difficult with Pippa attached to one arm and keys and stuff in the other!

actually this one below shows the slide and swing which was ruined by graffiti almost immediately.

below is a new street in town, new street, new houses! not yet lived in or open... looks spooky no? here is the exit back onto that main road again....

and here from the park area is the entrance into the road!

have a feeling i may not be the happy sunshine person i normally am! ;-) 'This Morning' TV Hollywood... i saw a villa and the mountains and thought oh look its here in Andalucia... then the camera panned in to the big Hollywood sign... then an email informed me that at Lidl its going to be American week! well wooopy doo! i really do need to get over it, as they say! i should never have made the big plan of being back in California this year, and now will just be glad when my birthday is gone, because then... well it will be gone.

i am sure i will harp on about this all week... sorry, bare with me amigos por favor!

back to realistic things now... after i finished washing the floors i went out and did my bit of street washing! still cannot get used to it! rushing out while no one in sight to wash the street between my house and the house opposite, not far of course, and i only really need to do half way, but not a problem going all that way over there!

ok, coffee time now! after yesterdays paella, may have been a stock cube in there... wouldn't like to say, but my face is flared up like a flared up thing, itchy and lumpy! (nice!) so strict week this week! not good at this so will be hard to do, no cereal this morning, had bacon and eggs! and will be green vegetables for the rest of the day! no bread... got gluten, which is ok when i'm not having a flare up, but have to stay away from all thing's pastry for a while till 'it' calms down... me too eh!

need of a good quote for today, hang on let me look for one....

ok i am back, here it is....

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln


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