Thursday, July 09, 2009

Blooming heck had one of those Repsol guys round this morning frightening the life out of me... knock at the door and opened it carefully.... if your living here and know how hot it is and our choice of clothes in the house! so with Pippa in one hand i cautiously opened the door and thought oh no Repsol? not repsol?

he wanted access to the house and to the gas etc, i told him no and i would check with my husband first on the phone, well he said ok, but then when i had got dressed and came back down stairs, not been able to get a hold of Franco, he was gone anyway! so i locked up the house and came down town, a bit to quickly and in the wrong shoes... so more blisters and more plasters!

i was going to take a bunch of photos this morning of all the road works in town, just to get into town firstly there is the road up, literally i mean here by the green church, then one of the side roads that join the upper and lower one way streets is under construction... you get to c/gerard brenon and this, the high street is closed on the incoming side of the road, so no access at all, if you have got this far, then you will end up back on the lower road and back out of town and give up on coming into Alhaurin el Grande... the road back up does have a closed sign on it to stop people trying to get into town... but lots of people think the signs are not for them!?! and so into town on foot that is.... the high street is being dug up by the kerb to the health centre, and on the other side of the road the new taxi rank is now un available, and this goes all the way round the corner on to the Cartama road, and across on the road out towards de la Torre! everyone's feet are white with dust and stones and people are driving around with looks of horror on their faces, either they have taken hours to get into town or just want to get out of here and cant do it!

well that was a lot of nonsense about our road works,sorry! photos will be better, so manaña, maybe! nope not there, so will do that now, so that means you will have already seen them by the time you get to read this and again wonder at my mind and how it works!?!

second knock on the door neighbour from down the road who came home to no internet connection and needs to borrow some of ours... done what he needed to do and gone now, impressed by my speed of typing... well i still got it!

must also up load some pics my Uncle Richard sent me... or did i do that already? let me check!

just got the mail too, lots in the mail box....! i am getting excited about a certain date on the calender this month! i know i maybe hitting high numbers to some peoples lesser ones, but i cant help myself i am a little girl at heart when it comes to my birthdays, dont know what i always expect of the day itself, maybe it a memory thing and wishing wishes that little girls do, which i guess for me when i was young would have been about my Dad, when he was alive. i think one of my best was ten years ago... what happened with all that time? and i was back where i was born in California and with my brother and birthday cake and thats what i should have been doing in 8 days time... what i planned. ok thats done it, now the excitement has gone and replaced by stupid despondency... i am so so lucky in so many ways, with so much to be grateful for... so better get that smile back on my face! ahora mismo!

ok, adío amigos....

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