Thursday, July 23, 2009

today a sprinkling of the Arab Bath in Ronda... i have blogged them before but here they are again, i am sure they haven't changed much since i took these photos as they have remained in such a fantastic condition since the 17th centure when last used!

oh heck that Jeremy Kyle program is bringing me to tears... again! mom's or dad's meeting kids not seen for decades! always does it for me!

i can just see it now, through those pearly gates... if i'm lucky! and there will be old Jeremy and standing beside him my Dad and he will say Marian... your Dad who you have not seen for 90 or so years!!!! my Dad who will have been waiting there, by those pearly gates... if he was lucky! waiting for 80 years! in an old rickety chair... will get up and come over and give me a hug! then Graham from the show will totter over and say, you have lots of catching up to do! don't rush things and just take your time with getting to know each other all over again... and time we will have...

well i guess you tell the type of mood i am in today! latest news on Mom is she is having a couple of scans tomorrow at Mount Vernon, she thinks MRI and so maybe CT also, Mom's was saying about coming home Saturday then going to get the results on Monday, but i am not sure if that's the plan the Watford General has, or just Mom's wishful thinking!

i think i forgot to mention when i was in friends dog rescue shop on Tuesday first a woman came in to put up a poster of her missing Red Setter dog, they are from de la Torre, and had a phone call from our area and Coín saying there was a sighting of a red setter, not a common dog to see here, so you know them when you see them.... the dog had got spooked by fireworks (again) and got out of the garden and just bolted... my greatest fear with Pippa she would be lost and gone so far in such a quick time...

then a guy came in with a stray... the dog had a collar, but no chip (illegal), a cute little dog, a pup, but big feet to grow into! he had asked around where he lives in the campo and cannot keep the dog at home, already has one, and the trouble is if you take in one stray you can end up like lots of people here with 5 or 6 or a dozen!

i went into town early as usual today, got another couple of Euro direct phone cards to call Mom's mobile number by her bed, in fact that tobacconist has now run out of them, will have to start on the tabac near here!

i had stayed in the relative cool of the house yesterday afternoon and heard a fire plane go overhead about 6pm so shot up onto the terrace to see what was happening and the heat when it hit was awful! it was 42° in the shade! and its supposed to reach 45° this afternoon here, again in the shade! at least now on GMTV thats what they say now! we have always got on our soap boxes about that, it says 26/36 etc etc whatever and we are like "no thats not right"!!!

just made a list of all the things i need to do, necessary for boxes first, will have to go out later and hunt some down, have paperwork to sort out, the cave! clothes i really have not worn for years, since i have been here even! every summer i get them out and in the winter away they go again with only having hung in the wardrobe! Franco always says but you have so many clothes, yes true i do, but stuff i never wear and truth to tell wont ever wear....

and before i go courtesy of Paulo Coelho and The Warrior of the Light Online... below is the first paragraph of this months issue.... please link above to read the remainder... and enjoy as i do....
The Four Forces

Father Alan Jones says that building our soul requires Four Invisible Forces, namely love, death, power and time. It is necessary to love because we are loved by God. It is necessary to be conscious of death in order to understand life better. One has to fight in order to grow - but without falling into the trap of the power that we obtain in doing so, because we know that such power is worth nothing. And lastly, it is necessary to accept that our soul – although eternal – is at this moment caught in the web of time, with all its opportunities and limitations.

and also thanks to Paulo todays quote, which for me is perfect for today!

If you are really down, stop digging!


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