Wednesday, July 15, 2009


lots of links today!

probably because i cannot hardly move today! was a great day out yesterday, but for me, too long a day, too much walking... i don't know why but somewhere inside i believe i can walk forever and carry on as normal, whatever normal is!

i might get frustrated at people not realising i have FM, but if even i still after 20 blooming years cant realise i have it then there really is no hope is there! ;-)

so last night i was shattered with a capitol 'K'! i had just enough something left to get photos up loaded and two short videos on YouTube! and then i was gone! i know what a net head! i am officially addicted to this www...

today i thought i might not even be able to get out of bed, till i told myself i wasn't going to start that malarkey! walked Pippa... road up into car park all dug up and so had to take the steep option, wont be doing that again, alright later on in the day, but first thing was nearly impossible, had to stop half way up! out of breath and out of energy!

Pippa missed a lovely little black cat in the park, we walked around it twice! was so cute!

not so cute were these three cats yesterday in Gib! the two on the left and the other? look behind the wire fence there to the left of the white tub.... and that poor bird, not sure if it was after the food or would end up food for the cats! i think it was a young sea gull, massive great thing and i think its wing was badly damaged...

poor thing... we stayed for a while, but none of them moved, not sure who was more scared, the poor bird? the wiry mangy hungry cats... or us of the situation being played out!!!

here of course the rock of Gibraltar! took this on our way out! so there in the foreground is the passport control... we had to get off the coach with all the goods! and walk through then re board!

couldn't believe some people.... bread rolls? toilet rolls? vegetables??? hello!!!! this morning i got from our local veggie shop... 6 bananas, 4 green peppers (long kind), 1 enormous red pepper, 2 courgettes, 4 giant plums... think that was it, for 3 euros 75 cents! who would buy veggies that come via the UK?

on the other hand we had lunch outside a bar yesterday, sat in the shade thank goodness, an omelette for me with salad and fries! two ham and cheese toasties both came with salad and a plate of chips to share, four cold sodas... 18£ not bad, until we realised we were paying euros... 26 of them! just used the converter which is very good, and 18 pounds = 20.95 in euros! not 26! what a con!!! definitely pays (no pun intended!).... to pay in pounds in Gib if you can!

when we were pulling in the coach park behind the supermarket there we drove along the road running parallel to the sea and the harbour and this magnificent cruise liner was there... Ventura... i walked back down later before we got on the coach to take photos... but it had gone... so this is a link instead! quite fancy a cruise just now, putting my feet up and letting the world pass by instead of me passing it!

also another link i meant to do yesterday came to me via Twitter... or have i already done it? something that happened back in California the week i was born... ooops, giving the game away here then am i not!!! but worth i think Nuclear Meltdowns are worth a mention! and we were living within the danger zone, therefore breathing in these obnoxious fumes for the first few weeks of my life! lovely!

finally, yesterday was great also there were about 80 to 100 Alhaurínos on the coach yesterday, was nice at turns to see a familiar face!


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