Tuesday, July 21, 2009

above photo i took in Fuengirola a couple of years ago... such a typical pic of the sardinas eh! could eat a whole bunch of them just now with some bread con alioli (garlic mayonnaise), and a good glass of Rioja... ummm, actually really could do with the Rioja anyway...

worrying about my Mom big time, she is going to have an MRI in a couple of days, so still in hospital until then at least, she had a check up this morning and they have found something else that shouldn't be there shall i say.

she will be going to Mount Vernon for that then brought straight back to Watford Gen.

its good she has a phone by the side of the bed so we can speak a couple of times a day.

Mom sounds very positive, as usual, and full of things to tell of whats going on in the ward and the other patients coming and going....

i wasn't going to go back out again this morning, after Pippa's walk that was it for me today, but needed another couple of phone cards, so went to the tobacconists, she looked at me strangely asking for two, as i had only been in the day before! then as i was that far i went to see friends in the dog resue shop all the way further up c/Gerald Brennan... one of which is now also thinking of 'going home', i think the mistake is that people still call where they come from home! i have always called here, españa home, even before i actually moved out here!

well except when i am talking about the states where i was born, then of course thats home too! and then where my Mom and boys are too i!!! oh now i am confused!

but in general conversation people say this and that blah blah... home, meaning the uk, even though they live here and it can get very confusing as to where they mean...

and at this point in this pointless ramblings of mine dinner is ready, and no, no sardinas para mi!

so hasta luengo amigos, mañana


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