Friday, July 10, 2009

as i was just about to begin my blog today i turned first to my 'in' box and here was this months Warrior of the Light Online issue... titled 'What is Happiness'...

after reading it i feel now i know why i am basically more or less... a happy person... i make no plans! not when i was little did i think 'what shall i become? what job shall i do? whom shall i marry? how many children?' oh etc etc.

when i talk to friends, some say they had plans when they were small children, or teenagers, of what they wanted to be or go in life... they never did these things and still remember theyre young dreams with a feeling of loss or unhappiness of not doing these things.

i think i have said before i never even thought, up until recently even about being older! just never thought about it!

and as Paulo says in the above article about the people who make plans not being as happy as those who don't have some big life plan, and i guess if you make all these plans and none or few come into fruition then you cannot be happy about that can you? i am talking about big plans here, not the at the weekend stuff or even booking the holiday next year type of thing, i mean the big stuff in life.

i mean look at me recently the only plan i had made ten years before is not going to happen and how sad i get over it! that'll teach me eh!

oh the photos today? was that a plan for today? well no photos and i'm not worrying about it... small stuff eh!


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