Sunday, July 05, 2009

I'm in the mood for blogging.... just put a little note up on our mail box to remind mail man of our's old house number, might help? and pigs might fly! but ... it just *bugs* me! with reference to our electricity bills we will not be getting now the number has changed! i have decided for now to go into the office every single month and ask for a copy of the bill! thinking of asking for complaints books to tell of my problem, but well probably wont do any good.... like our neighbour says it was the council who changed the number, maybe they should pay for the change???

today Franco and i went down to check all is well at Maria's apartment, yes, then as the shops are now open on Sundays for the holiday season we popped into Miramar in Fuengirola, followed by Dunnes and Miramar Parque! lots of people about, lots on the beaches... and its hot!

people over the way are having a BBQ as i write... tall candles burning, smoke rising, long table covered in a huge white table cloth and tons of food getting under way! was going to water the plants but decided against it, so hot up there still even at 930pm i think the water would just evaporate! so later for that!

so sorry to all my relatives... i didn't forget Independence Day! just forgot to say so on here... apologies folks...

yesterday Franco put up our new back door rejas (grill), so now we have even more added security, Franco always got cross with me for leaving the back door open!?! but now it can be, and the rejas locked! so lots of air and no visitors! Pippa can still make hasty explorations to check out things on the terrace and get back in again without me having to unlock it either! brilliant!

today Franco put up my little shelf i have distressed this week! looks good and with some flowers on it already, tomorrow i will pop into Cudeca (the local cancer hospice shop) and buy some little saucers, if they have any! anything will do, preferable mis matched! to stand the plants on, or my shabby chic shelf will be more shabby than chic!

yesterday morning i made a quick early trip into town to get my euro direct card, the brilliant thing we use to make calls abroad, when we don't use free call of course, even cheaper... my usual supplier was all out and i was thinking what to do?? told i could get one up at the Estanco at the Fuengirola crossroads... and then i thought hang on a min all the tobacconists sell them doh!!! and so i got one in the little shop near Plaza Legion!

still no sign of any seedlings coming up, saw some sun flowers this morning already about 8' high! so i think maybe the ones i planted wont be making it this year... or any other year!

just watched on BBC3 the first two episodes of the old cult classic Day of the Triffids! fantastic had me rivited to the sofa! looking forward to next sundays two already now! sad? who me... ;-)


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