Wednesday, July 22, 2009

photo... random, thank you for the borrow!

heck cant believe it! the heat... i went upstairs onto the terrace as i heard a fire plane go overhead, i had the back door open with the persiana down most of the way, and as soon as i started up the stairs the heat just hit me! i carried on to the end to see what was what... couldn't see a fire although the whole of the valley and mountains are covered in dense cloud or heat! its all white out there! i checked the temperature which is in the shade and its 42°.... no point putting it in the sun it only goes up to 52° and its a helluva lot hotter up there than that!

remember my tomato plants... well in this heat was definitely the wrong time to plant out seeds when i did, but one lonely little chap was making the effort, saw the little green stem and leaves a couple of inches up this morning! i cheered! and so did Pippa later when she dug it up! only that tub, not the empty one! what a little doll isn't she!!!

had coffee with friends and neighbours this morning, looks like both couples are on the move... what is this mass exodus that's going on in Spain just now?

the economy really will take a nose dive here if everyone of us expats up and leave... not necessarily back to the UK going by my friends plans though!

Mom sounded good today, really please with some books Tony and Kate took in for her last night, and lots of magazines let by departing patients... more that is!

i sorted out a bunch of stuff this afternoon, time for a bit of a clean out me thinks, this week i think i will make a move into the cave and see what's in there! lots of car boot sale stuff that isn't moving anywhere very fast and taking up too much room, its nice and cool in there so ideal for sorting out treasures!

Of the many strange roads we love to roam, the road we love best is the road to home...


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