Monday, July 06, 2009

this morning down into town... on the way a visit to one of the offices of the town hall, ayuntamiento, apart from the one here next to the Vera Cruz church, there is another down c/Real, another behind the white church and another one i think i spotted next door to the police station!

anyway, the first directed me to the second... (no that was where my tour ended!!) and there i told them i no longer lived at number 'this' that now i lived at number 'that' instead!

she took the details and off i went! easy (?) we shall see eh!

this visit was prompted because this morning i caught a council man putting water bills in our boxes, i tore out got the one out of my box, and told him not mine signor! and he swapped it for the one he had already put into two doors down, the one i gave him... into two doors up! so two of us at least maybe the only persons down our street who actually got their own bills this morning... but now i am wondering, when they took the meter reading? was it from our meter or the one two doors up???

met up with friends and had a coffee with them, then i went into Cudeca looking for saucers for our plants, no luck so got some from a bazaar! he had five saucers without cups, so i bought two! maybe i will make a deal with him tomorrow for the last three!

yesterday i put little note in our mail box about the change of number, well today i also put in our surnames... well it hadn't worked for the council guy had it!

and when the post man came today he put mail for us in the box! with the old number on! from who? oh from Telefonica! you know the phone company i called up last week and gave our new number to!!! maybe i was too late for this bill, will give them the benefit of doubt till next time...

ok washing to go out, and i think i will read up on the terrace a while... in the shade, in the shade!


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