Friday, June 30, 2006

El Zoco, Calahonda

two pics of whats left of what was our local commercial centre, el zoco, down at sitio de calahonda, in mijas costa...

it looks so awful, seeing the sketaton of the buildings, all i hope now is they get it fixed soon, nothing worse than leaving it looking like that, and dangerous too of course, the amount of tourists that come to this area i am sure some 'younger' people will try to get and see whats going on inside, only natural, but not safe.

and my video of the day is taken from our roof just now, its not too clear is it, i guess maybe the camera fault, i know i am blaming the equipment, cant be me, but its just a small camera with no way to change focus or anything... so there it is, looking like an old movie from the 60', but then this view probably hasnt changed much since then!

taken pip out for her walk this morning, and she had an extra two last night! as we patrolled the car park, going by the small piles of different colored glass four cars have been smashed up there now! i wonder if the policia did come visit up there last night...

Love life! don´t hold back,
let it out!


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