Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday June 14th

well es la una now already, didnt go out yet... remembered i am supposed to go into the about half past, two of the girls are leaving but not sure if i´m up to it now, think i need to rest this stupid hamstring... it has to be a sympathy thing with the footballers just now!

but... i have sorted out a few things on here, at last done my profile which had been the first thing i had done on my old blog site, and have been asking tony for help with finding out how to put in the links bit, all the ones i used to have... including his! but i know... he is busy getting paid to help people who ask the same questions... but look i have done it myself now instead and am very proud of my self... lol.. yes it was easy ok just couldnt see it for the trees if you know what i mean! and he does help me alot on here at other times i must hasten to add! he did tons of things on my computer when he was here... and all have helped... thank you tony!

have an extra link thing up there though at the moment which i hadnt planned but i guess i may leave it there for now anyway... have spent too long on here today, maybe another reason my leg is not getting better my feet dont fully touch the floor when i am sitting on this chair, my heels are just about 3 inches off the ground so thats making the back of my legs ache alot and putting a lot of presure on the muscle, need a little platform so everything is flat dont i?

how can anyone just talk about nothing for so long? i must know its me who is doing it today! must be as i havent been out today and pippa is sleeping... she had a bath last night as she was so dirty, now she is soft and whiter than white, she loves her dog brush i got her yesterday and just sits there loving it!

by the missing phone call i think my friends didnt get to change the flights home from malaga either, you know two people could have used those flights, even i could have used them i suppose... two trips to england and back! what a waste, the grand prix was on in england at the weekend and he always goes to it, franco wondered if that was actually the reason the trip was cancelled! so i will mention that... truth will out!

and now españa are playing this afternoon.. so adios amigos... hasta manaña!

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity,
an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty!


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forget me not said...

Dear Marian
thanks for writing! I can't believe you'll be 47 in sound so young.
I guess means I sound young too, since I will be 47 in July! (the 30th) No, don't tell me that's your birthday, I see from your profile that you're a Cancer. That would have been too weird...

I am very religious but I am on hiatus from church these days. I think I will be for a bit because I need to work out a way to put it in line with my spirituality which has been going off on its own. Not that I'm into buddism or anything like that, at least not yet, but I am into my inner voyage type stuff. Haven't figured out what that means yet but I won't give up!

I'll write back again soon, but maybe I should work out a different system for checking comments, like letting them appear automatically. I'm trying to figure out how to put links on my site and other stuff too, so one day it will be how I want it. I only saw your message now, because myosotis is not my usual email but I want to keep things separate so this it will be from now on.

Ciao for now

Go Spain!!