Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday June 8th

this is the steppes, as mentioned in paulo coelho book the zahir, i have now finished it, i both wanted to finish the book, of course, why read it otherwise, but i also did not want to come to the end of it! and now paulo´s blog of his 90 day journey is also at its end! to lose both at the same time... lost and bereft! sorry i guess only another of his readers will understand this! so i will move on!

went to the local market this morning met up with friends as arranged and had a drink after to cool down! spent a little time sun bathing this afternoon, and came down about an hour ago, it was 37 on the roof, in the shade, and is still that hot now, at well gone five, doing some washing now and will put out and take down this evening, if i put things out to dry when its too hot things dry like a bit of board, towels like rubbing down paper! ugh!!

while i was sunbathing and reading i had so many things i thought to say now, but now my mind is blank!?! had a call on my way down and it turns out my friends did not get to change their flight and it is now lost! i suppose the return flight is still a possibility... yes of course it is! bet they have forgotton that! maybe i will take a trip to malaga airport to see if i can do something about it before tuesday!

i am still moving furniture about here, and bits and pieces, i said to franco last night if i have moved something and he cant find it, dont ask me! goodness knows where things are now!

Closure is the gift
that we give to ourselves when we are ready to live in complete detachment,
and know that every ending is simply a door opening to a wonderful begining...


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