Wednesday, June 14, 2006

For Maria

hi maria,

i know its a hard one for the football as usual with each world cup, too many family connections! i must suport the states first and foremost, being a proud american, and my dad would come haunting me if italy wasnt next on my agenda! then... well i live in spain now, so of course wanting to intergrate as much as possible i must support my adopted country... and brazil well i have some family there, ones who probably dont even know about me, my grandfather had two brothers who moved there a very long time ago, may have not even stayed there of course! i know i should support england, having lived there for, so far, most of my life and my two boys live there... too many choices... its when they start playing eachother i will be in trouble running from one side of the living room to other and cheering both sides on till i explode! lol!

good to hear from you, was nice to see my name amongst your list of ´keeps´its been a strange time following paulo on his journey hasnt it, felt like a real big learning curve for all of us, and meeting so many people who sort of feel like friends, just ones we havent actually met yet! and everyone sounded so worldly wise.

your story was sad at times, but your move to another country and your new life... thank you for sharing that, so many of us have moved such great distances, my husband is sardinian, and speaks both sardinian and italian, and i am ashamed to say that although my grandparents came from naples i no parle italiano!

speak to you again and take care,

ps ¡viva italia!

be back later with my blog too!

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forget me not said...

Wow! You're international! So we have our first nationality in common and our heritage (my parents went to the US from Italy). I have a very good brazilian friend here in town and a missionary friend (wonderful person) in Guarapuava brazil, plus many of the brazilian players are in our favorite italian team (milan). I love Spain, so I will be happy to see any of their games, so that about covers it. Italy plays the US on Saturday you know. But I don't think I'll take the risk of cheering the two boys (how much we have in common!!) would shut me in the closet!!
Have a great day. I think my blog address will show this time. I haven't written anything in it yet though. It feels weird to have one and i am suddenly wordless...