Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday June 20th

hello, work was so busy yesterday, i arrived about 940, and as i approached the shop i could see donations were piled up all the way from the door up the street taking up the path almost as far as the little shop! that would be about 20 foot of stuff! loads of black bags fulls, 4 or 5 big boxes, a giant suitcase i couldnt lift at all, had to ask some poor bloke who was passing by! and he dragged it in the shop for me, only afterwards did i find out it was full of books! cant believe he lifted it! i guess he couldnt not after he had said yes... wonder if he did himself an injury? i hope not! and all the books were in alaman (german).

me and kip spent from 10 till 145 unloading the incoming things, more came in during the morning too, but i was really pleased with how we had done, only two small carrier bags left when we left! we also i am sad to say had to get rid of a load of things we were waiting for a man to come who takes things we cant sell or are badly torn/stained etc to another country for materials, he hasnt been for so long we had over 25 bags, and no where for them, so we had to carry them away to recycle bins nearby, and further as we were filling them up too! we had a bit of a relay going, two of us over the main road, one bringing down to half way girl and another bringing down to the street! and all of us in our lovley green tabards! a-hem!

sunday franco pippa and i went to the market, see there made a mistake in the picking order already, should must come last! i have received some instructions on how we should be bringing pippa up, her role in our family, seems we have left her become the alpha, when it should be me!! she must not go throught doors first, must ignore her when i get home till she has quietened down, feed her after us, and loads of other things, actually when you go into it, these ideas are right, she does act as though we are her babies, and she has to look after us, leading the way on walks and always going anywhere first puts her in charge, she even barks when we go in the cave and she thinks there is something in there... probably just a lizard this time! and the last couple of days she has started barking at the stove? so last two nights i have pulled the whole thing out and let her get in behind it to check it out? maybe another lizard, nothing else can fit in there, but its the way she worries about us being in there or near the stove, so concerned about our safety, thing is she has to be our baby, she cant be responsible for us afterall, what a responsiblity to put on such a small dog who has no hope of going out and bringing home the bacon! so i time i hope, we can change things around, it is up to us, we have to train us first and then she will follow!

amazing what you can get at the market isnt it! we also got a small tomato plant, cherry toms, which is now in our garden!

pippas ticks have gone, done a runner, actually they will have died! but now her neck is sore where the collar sits, i have had to loosen it, must be very strong... my poor baby!

footy is doing good, spain won last night... almost didnt think they would, leaving it till the last moments... and saturday usa v italy, i know i couldnt choose between them, so it was a 1-1 draw! was a good game, but too many fouls and that awful elbow in the face by the italian! he should be sent of permanantly! did you see that program on telly last night? apparently there are ten extra women killed by their husbands during the world cup games in the uk alone! the football, losing or winning sparks off even more abuse in the home, alot caused by alcohol, those poor women... i never realised. and staying with crime for a moment, in the paper yesterday it said spain has now overtaken the uk with amount of criminals in prison, per 100,000, cant remember the percentage exactly, but the thing is alot of these criminals here in jail in spain are british!

Life has more imagination than we carry in our dreams...


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forget me not said...

I'm so upset, I wrote a comment a couple of hours ago that is now lost somewhere in cyberspace!
It was something about soccer...oops, I mean football...First of all hurray for Spain. They fought hard and followed their path...to victory! If there was a goal for each time any team comes close to getting one, this sport would have a bigger following in the US. They think it's silly that people run up and down a field for 90 minutes, for a measly score of 1-0 or something like that.

Secondly i agree, De Rossi, the Elbow Maniac, should not be allowed to play anymore on the national team.

Third, with regards to the women being killed during the WC (world cup, not WC...), I read that there is a website where angry wives can find alternatives to sitting home being ingnored by their hubbies. Some of the choices are quite piquant...Maybe some of the founders of this website are among the 10 extra dead women in the UK? Wouldn't it be better if they just sat down and enjoyed the games like me and you?