Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday June 2nd

this morning walked upto friends place, or is it down, anyway the other side of town, her and her sister went to tangiers yesterday and found out they had not completely enjoyed the trip, a taxi down at 630am, coach trip to algercieras the boat ride over in rain and winds! narrow streets with women sat in the gutters selling their fruit and veggies, carpet factory visit! men trying to sell carpets for hundreds of euros, four course lunch of various non descript articles, only the desert sounded nice... a sweet pastry thingy!

then later home the way they came!

i have yet to visit and still want to, just to experience all the above for myself!?! i guess though everyones trips are different, neighbors went on their own, no coach party and had a really good visit, although i am not sure i would want to go it alone!

wanted to get some more storage bags from chinese on my home this morning, but was gone two by the time i left and then stopped and chatted with a couple of other friends, but its nice, makes such a difference, i remember how isolated i felt when we first moved here, i think i went out most days, walked into town, and straight back home, gone about an hour, that never happens now, if i leave at ten i´m lucky to be home by two! today i past the gaz man and asked if he was coming to our street today and he said yes, i had to run the last bit as he was coming up the street behind me! i dont think he was coming to us at all, he picks and chooses!

got in a bit on sunbathing today just now, an hour on the roof, its nearly 40 today! and yesterday was a bit of rain on the coast where franco was working, but up here on a moment of drizzle, then all dry again!

had a meeting at work yesterday, so we all turned up on time, well nearly just the boss lady who arrived 45 mintues late! hey ho! after i had coffee with one of the monday girls and her husband and then went to their apartment, on my route home, theyre home is nice, a big three bedroom place with a balcon overlooking the high street, in a quietish area...

its going to be a full moon on june 11th did i tell you? so i will be watching those mystical mijas mountains, along with 100´s of others i now imagine! but like we were saying the other day, here people still misunderstand some deformaties and maybe families moved into the hills when a baby was born not exactly as they thought was normal out of fear and have just remained there always. on telly the other months a family in poland had two children who only walked on their hands and feet together, not upright, so who knows what people are up there, the area is so big i´m sure people must live there out of sight from the rest of the world.

Sometimes i think i understand everything,
then i regain consciousness!


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Anonymous said...

Marion -

Sounds like all is well for you and the hubby in Spain. Will stay in touch.

- Joey