Saturday, June 24, 2006

San Juan y día de jesus

this photo by no means shows last night down on the beach to its full advantage... last night we went down to fuengirola to celebrate the night of san juan, when the people of the towns inland, and all along the coast celebrate the begining of summer, some of the things are quite pagan in a way, flowers thrown into the sea, bomfires burning all along the coast, different rictuals of jumping of the flames and covering yourself in different oils etc... last night it was just people having fun with bar-b-ques all up the beach, cooking sardines, every bit of beach was full of familys with their own style of cooking going on! chairs and tables, the maritimo pasado was full of people walking and talking and drinking and eating at bars or just on the walls watching the beach parties and people passing, we had icecream and sat with our feet dangling over the wall watching the beach people, it was already dark when we got there and seemed so strange to see sooooooo many people there in the dark!

we had a coffee at luiz´s bar first and i commented how his english has improved so much since i moved to spain! i think this could be the wrong way round, but he said my spanish was getting better! humph!

just before midnight we made our way down the beach my shoes in hand, and joined the hundreds of people waiting for 12 0'c ... and at 12 we all, well lots of us walked into the sea! the water was warm and lots of people had full swimwear on and just leaped in and swam about! fantastic! then around 1230 fireworks were fantastic, and on our journey home via mijas pueblo they were still lighting up the sky... beautiful evening.

we were home about 130am, and bed about 2am i guess, i had made francos lunch for him so i could have a lay in, i need more sleep than that! well the alarm went off at 7 and franco got up, and then the cannon fire started! of course here all week has been the celebrations of corpus cristi, and now this weekend the final! so from 7am the firing went off, 4 or 5 at a time, till about 8am when the band came up playing theyre wonderful tune... i do mean that though, i love the music they play, love listening to them practice behind our house in the evenings, and now they have been playing down at the purple church all week, san sebastian, and this morning made their way up to our green church, santa vera cruz, and played for us up here tambien! well, thats nice! oh and the cannon fire is still coming and its 10am now, and i am going to get ready to go down town and see what i can see!

my tonys 24th birthday today on the 24th! dont think he will be awake just yet, he was going to start his celebrations last night and stay over near work! wow 24 years... OMG! impossible!

before i go just wanted to share with you... through the open windows the smells from the local panaderia are glorious.... oh what a smell, making my tummy rumble and i have already had my breakfast not long ago... oh what an aroma.... its a wonder we dont all file down there in various states of undress with our hands outstreched and mouths open like little sparrows to fed wonderful pastries and cookies!

Add life to your days,
not so much days to your life!



forget me not said...

Hey! We celebrated San Giovanni last night too! The tradition is that the whole town goes down the pine-lined avenue leading to the 12th century abbey of San Giovanni in Venere. We all have picnics on the grass surrounding this monumental building, there's live music all night long, and then at dawn everyone (whoever's left that is) goes down the path to the belvedere overlooking the sea, to watch the sun rise. We left at 1:30am but my son and his friends stayed all night. They said it was fantastic!

forget me not said...

Thanks for your reply on my blog. It brought a big :-D to my face. What a great way to start the day! Have a wonderful Sunday. Is it as hot over there as it is here? Tomorrow Gianni and I are celebrating our 24th anniversary. Next year will be a real milestone. We're planning to go to Brasil to visit my missionary friend Padre Salvatore. (You can see his link on my blog page). It's in portuguese and Italian, so you should figure something out from it. He's the most joyful person I know, besides you, although I don't know you personally. But i feel like I do...
Anyway he's doing a great job down there, so have a look when you get the chance. ciao!