Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday June 13th

arh now i see... its tuesday 13th! here in spain thats the same as a friday 13th in uk, which i suppose makes the whole thing senceless if it can different in different countries... but... on our way out this morning my beach shoe sandles i have been wearing to walk pippa last few days started to fall apart, first the back end of the sole became detached, then by the time we reached the wasteland only the toe bit was still holding on, so i pulled it off and carried my sole! well the big spongey bit, leaving me with a little hard bit and the straps, which are glued on inbetween the two bits, so as i walking they started getting loose and by the time we got to our street were coming away! OMG nearly had to finish the walk barefoot! on these streets!! ugh!!

and too, those bullet ants we have here are really coming into their own at this time of the year i think, they probably dont come out when its too hot either so pip and i see them at party time and you have to walk around them... i know theyre not THAT big, but big enough... thats the bullet ant at the top of the page, the one on the right of course! big little devils arnt they!

got a nice piece of material from work yesterday, i think it was meant to go over a low table or one of those posh footstall things, anyway, now i have halved the length of the drape to the floor it covers the box in our bedroom beautifully, dont really sew much, hurts too much, but it had to done, although i made it worse by turned it up and rough stitching it the wrong way to start with, so after cutting off the excess then had to rough stitch it the other way round, did all that while the italy game raged! yeha!! gooooooooo italia!!!!

trying to relax a bit today, but before i went down town i moved stuff about, things out of box things in... washed the floors after i got home from friends, and now i really must stop, i just cant keep still, i think i better try though cant be good for me, i think thats why my shoes keep braking, the ones i usually wear broke and franco fixed them, then on my way home coming into our street they became unglued, so someone is telling me to slow down by all my shoes falling apart!

this next one is good for me today, especially if i end up walking barefoot!

Life is too short to feel every bump on the road!


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Anonymous said...

Hi marian
It's maria from the paulo coelho blog. How about these world cup games? I thought Italy looked good last night, and Brasil, who I was a bit worried about if Italy ends up playing them, looked awful. But it's a bit too early to tell isn't it. So who are you REALLY cheering for anyway?