Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday June 7th

view from maria´s apartment, of a bunch of bananas! and very nice they look too!

have i mentioned the trip i have been trying to change for some of friends to come out here? they were due to arrive here yesterday, stay for a week, well two weeks ago i attempted to change their flights that i had booked on the net, but, as they were now wanting to move it to a winter timetable their web site couldnt allow it! i emailed them and said it was urgent, the mrs was unwell and time was now tight, the automated message back said i would hear within 20 days! there was only two weeks to fly date at that point! at the weekend i tried again to email them using the technical email address also, and copied it to the original help centre! my friends did try to change the flights over the phone but as i had booked it, i had to change it the man said, and he also said he would not phone spain! it was paid by my friends, in their name and would not do it!

well the time has come and gone now, they were unable to drive to the airport to do it in person, and have lost their money, as i said on the email, lets hope people in spain dont have to change flights seasonally or we will lose ours too! naming no names... it has not been easy as it should have been!

didnt do much today, trying to rest my legs! goodness knows what i have done now, i know its just this fibro thing i have, the bit behind my left kneecap and uwards a bit is too tight and sore, almost ok walking on the flat but uphill and even downhill a bit hurts like heck!

tony helped me with pic earlier, ta tony, and now i just have to work out how to put links on, on the help section i followed i went into the html and put what i wanted in, but it dosent seem to have worked! will have to work on it!

When things get rough,
listen to the voice inside your heart,
it already knows the answer...


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