Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The longest day...

this is the view from our old place, our apartment was a duplex, this was taken from the balcon but the view from the bedroom was a full sea view just that little bit higher, and from the back rooms we had mountain views, although they are getting less and less mountain and more and more concrete jungle now since we have moved a year ago.

i went down to the coast with franco this morning and had coffee with my old neighbor, got the bus to fuengirola and then the one home to alhaurín, i was home by 1.45, so not bad really...

today i got up early to take pippa for a walk before going out, otherwise its a long day for her, and no way can you go walkies in the afternoon in this heat, so i was up by 630 and we went straight out, it was still only dawn, its very different here than in england where its broad daylight by about... what? i cant remember? help, today is the longest day so i think about 4am or so at this time of the year, and one time when my cousin tim was over we went to milton keynes one evening and it was still daylight gone 10pm at night think the sun set that day nearer 11pm! or do i have rose tinted glasses on, i´m sure i have that right! will have to check a web cam or two later in england and see when it gets dark eh!

remember the warewolf? well other people are now coming forward about having seen it! y'all thought i was losing my marbles didnt you! well one guy thought he had an indruder on his land and then realised the legs were more like a huge dogs and a dogs head, human torse and once again, no tail! there is something in those there woods on the sierra de mijas! who knows what it really is, but to run like a dog happily on all fours, then walk like a man... getting spooked again, more people are telling what they have seen now others are, i suppose fear of being laughed at, or just thought plain crazy might put you off telling the world what you have seen, although me? i would tell everyone, as you all know i guess! laughed at something i heard recently somewhere, aparently if a women will tell you her age, she will tell you anything!....

i love the trip up through mijas in the bus! i always sit on the same side as the driver and he drives like a crazy man (perhaps he has seen the warewolf!) and we get so close to the barrier which is way down there.... and no way the on coming cars could get through the little gaps he leaves, and the bloke today was blarring his horn before the turns, not sure if he was warning people or just liked to make a lot of noise!

very hot today... let me look... phew its 95f/36c on the roof in the shade right now and its just gone 4.36, no breeze here although down on the coast this morning there was a nice breeze blowing in off the sea...

i always wondered why we couldnt wear anti mosi bracelets etc, like the dogs and cats, and i even suggested it to those i said it to, well in the farmacia today.... yes you guessed there it is! an anti mosi bracelet! fantastic eh, well i always knew i was full of great ideas, just a shame i didnt patent the idea i suppose!

And when i think about it,
I guess it is true..
that people always arrive at the right moment,
at the place where someone awaits them.


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forget me not said...

Here it was so cold last week, I wore my flannel pj's again, and now we're at about the same temp as you. We've got the scirocco blowing here, and although there are no clouds, the sand in the air makes it look misty.
Thanks for your comment about my bus poem. that lady was so sweet, and her house had these wonderful lingering scents of things like coffee and cinnamon buns. mmmm I haven't had a cinnamon bun in years!