Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday June 12th

cant bare to watch the states playing czech republic! losting 2-0 at the moment, so ironing done and now sewing something i bought ealier in the shop for the big hope chest i have in our bedroom, had that since i was 15, but lots older than that, its lined with newspapers from 1909 i think, will check and let you know, but not now!

work was good, sorted out lots that had been waiting outside all weekend going by the road dust all over the bags, two bags of cuddly toys... someone must have decided enough is enough, and the czechs have just scored again so i think enough is enough on that too! flipping heck! have been wearing my italia vest all day, should have on an american for this afternoon i guess...

saturday i emptied the bed of water... and sunday refilled, we had a water shortage here in andalucia i know, well know its drastic! not helped by us washing the roof terrace down either at the end of yesterday evening, franco did a lot up there moving plants and putting up some fencing, looks really good now, and the peach tree is safe from pippa at last... we hope, was good to be back in our bed last night, after a week on the blow up bed, was ok, just a bit near the floor for me! and pippa found it very easy to walk from her bed onto ours! much higher a jump now, but as soon as it was remade last night she was on it, getting comfy little darling!

finished our phone card last night! was 800 minutes talk time, and it lasted five weeks... not bad eh for only 6€, not bad at all...

There is a keystone to every arch,
and a combination to every lock...


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