Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Our house

taken last year, not long after we had moved in, we have had the front painted now, and have persianas on the windows... yes ours is one of the little chocolate box ones further down the street from the blue one! our little castle... its quirky with no straight walls, not even one room is the same width at one end as it is at the other, or length for that matter! widens when you get in, like the doctors tardis, then small again on the way out the other side! and that wall on the right.... there is a twenty thirty foot drop on the other side, no one can see that and when people drive down from the town hall behind our house they come close too close to it sometimes, its been hit, if only they knew there was only four or five inches of old brick and plaster between them and that drop! down in that drop is a bit of cleared wasteland, land locked by the houses and bakers on the next street down, and there is a sparrow hawk, kestral type of thing there which flys during the day and makes an unusual scary noise, and at night apart from the bats that fly from there, there is a huge white owl that flys low over our houses, also making a pretty scary noise!

talking of noises i forget to mention the other morning, there is a small lake at the crematoriam which we pass on our walk sometimes, its only a foot deep maybe but long and wide, built out of concrete and the waterbed is big round beautiful rocks... two frogs were making a helova racket the other morning as we passed, its such a strange noise, no rib-it rib-it sounds more like a bird call than anything, and pippa and i stood and listened and watched for a while as they swam and called to eachother... Posted by Picasa

ok... i am off out now with friends, down to the coast, i think via malaga as we will have missed the one to fuengirola, i´m still not used to this bus travel thing! i know what a snob i hear y'all shouting! i have had a car for so long ok?! and as franco is using it and i want to get out and about its public transport... and its cheap here too, into malaga bus station its 1.60€ for about a 25k journey i think, well back in old blighty that would cost about 4pounds... 6€ mas o menos!

anyway, bye for now...

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us,
or we find it not...



forget me not said...

What a cute house, it looks like it could be anywhere in Italy... That's what I like about Spain, it's almost like not leaving Italy at all, except we don't have tapas here. And that great Cerveca! My friends in Zaragoza tell me it's very hot over there. Is it cooler by the coast or just more humid?

forget me not said...

how do you spell beer in spanish? cerveza maybe?