Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday June 16th

the sun setting on our roof terrace the other evening... now we haved moved our peach tree! was over in the right hand corner over there but pippa kept on at it all the time, out of the five peaches last year franco and i ended up cutting the last in half and sharing... while pip had the other four! at various stages of growth... her and the peaches!

yesterday was very tiring! we went to malaga by bus then to fuengirola by bus, first one was half hour late, then a twenty minutes wait at malaga bus station, so left friends house at 10 and arrived down on the coast at 1245! and its only 20 minutes direct by car! still always an adventure and lots to see from the bus that you cant by car... and on our return we got the direct bus which only took half hour via mijas pueblo!

thank you forget me not... yup cerveza it most definately is! didnt have any yesterday though, once we got to town we went to have lunch at an old favorite of mine, the europa restaurant, its around an area called fish alley! ummm, sounds attractive dosent it? its not fishy honest! its just a whole area full of restaurants of all nationalities, and a great place to sit during the day to eat and watch all and sundry go past! and they do!

we had a little walk around after and friends were using a camcorder to take memories back home with and we were having a laugh with that, was a beautiful day on the coast, was a bit humid in land, its normally the other way around as you get the damp and sometimes strange fog stuff that comes in off the sea and hangs low over the beach and 340(coastal road) swirling and making its way through the apartments and hotels... then just dissapears! and inland is usually cleaner air, dryer and rains less! it cant get over the sierra de mijas!

have to take pippa to vets today, i have an awful feeling she has another parasite... or two even, there are two horrible looking things that seem attached to her... ugh! she has a collar on too to prevent them, so i am not sure, and i got bit last night again! no not franco!!! really!!! why do bugs always bite me on my knuckles? its so painful!

ok my friends... ¡hasta luego!

It does´nt matter how the wind blows.
The only thing that matters is how you set your sail.


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