Thursday, June 22, 2006

fuego a tienda de mobel

this is a photo i took yesterday morning! already looks different! the furniture shop on the extreme left has gone! well up in flames at about 3am this morning it started and my friend called the fire department at that time, the shops on the ground floor a level down from those you see there were two newsagents come souviener shops, a sports shop and a huge restaurant! all gone, nearly reached super sol the supermarket there, and on this level it went through the card shop a second hand charity book shop, and then the next floor up a mens hairdressers! lots of peoples livlihoods gone, people we know.... dont know what happened yet , i expect we will hear a few fairy tales before the truth comes out!

the states lost their game today... they lost a penalty by fouling... although it seems only the ref thought it was one, no way, and i am not just saying that, our guy jumped for the ball along with a ghana guy and there was no bad moves going on and he made out a foul...

so now italia.... you won today boys! and we're holding out for you now fellas!

watched the states play round at neighbors place, their son came in with a pot of candy floss! sugar candy... what ever you call that pink sweet yummy stuff.... ummmm good, its in the sweet shop at the bottom of the street, but i think not for long!

Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows,
but only empties today of its strength...


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