Thursday, June 29, 2006

Old Photo!

here is me... well was taken back in 1994! not sure how much i'v changed, i guess my friends could comment on this statement! i had 'won' one of those photo sessions, you know the sort, you win the session which is faboulous, and one photo, but who can resist buying more more more, well obviously not me forsure!

i think i bought about 8! cost me a small fortune, but glad i did, its a small dream of most girls to have a day as a model isnt it? well, i never wanted more than that, never even crossed my mind till the day, and after that, that was enough for me, a trip to london, the shoot and then back later to pick photos, and then a return in a few weeks for collection! glad i didnt live to far away!

now, what have i done so far this week!

tuesday... walked pip then we went to go down the coast, i was, did go down with franco to spend the day with maria, his sister, and her friends who are all over for a holiday, well we got to the car and the passenger window had been smashed in! the radio taken! what a mess, and the radio is useless to anyone else as we have the face of it indoors! they left everything else that was take-able! old pair of sunglasses, few cd's etc. we had to drive down with me sitting in the back and the wind howling round the car, and the return journey was up in the truck while we left the car for it to be fixed.

the day though after that was good, walked from our old place down to marias, and when everyone was up and ready we went out, did some shopping had a bit of lunch then down to the beach, it seemed hotter up here because the wind was blowing down there, sending the sand up into our faces and the waves were crashing, but i paid for it when i got home and yesterday... the burn! i was still in the high 30's when we got home tuesday evening, so was pretty hot on the beach after all i guess!

yesterday my friends granddaughter arrived and so we went to malaga to meet her from the plane, she was flying over with neighbors who are here for a week somewhere on the coast, but she is here for about 4 weeks i think, scotland brake up from school earlier than england, she goes back mid august. had a bit of a headache last night from all the bus travel, although we did get off the bus before it got into malaga, seeing as it goes straight past the airport before going into the city, its an hour before you get back by the aiport bus otherwise, so we got off, had to walk up and over the bridge, but then we were stuck in the triangle bit between the exit road from the airport and the enty road from malaga! we could only cross over the later, so over we ran! and then had to negociate the drainage gutter on the edge of the road, that was funny us four legging it over that! NOT! then i trod on some weird things growing near the verge, they were pod like, plum shape and green and furry! and i didnt notice them till i trod on them and they squirted me from foot to head! ugh! i screamed! horrible! dont know what they were!

and today! market day, went first to the guardia to report the car brake in, wasnt sure weather to bother, but another car had been smashed this morning when we walked through the car park, so i thought it best, and they said they will drive around the car park at night to check it out! erm.... well we will see i guess.

i think i heard last night window being smashed, i heard a noise and thought it was pippa, but she was on the floor by the bed, and after last years brake in i just sat there listening, but heard no more and thought it must have been out in the street! this vehicle was parked in full view and near the entrance, the place we thought would be safe for ours now! wrong again eh!

we're going to get it alarmed, its old but looks like we will have to do it for saftey sake.

no more to report today and thats enough writing for today! made up for lost time i think!

now todays quote is from the a book by Dean Koontz today, i know a horror writer i hear you say! but he is quoting Thomas Jefferson so so shall i!

Friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life. And thanks to a benevolent arrangement of things, the greater part of life is sunshine.



forget me not said...

You're a beautiful woman Marian. Franco's a lucky guy! We're boiling away here in Italy too. Too bad about Spain losing the game the other day. Tomorrow Italy's up again. Keeping our fingers crossed! Maybe we'll get some good luck again? Or maybe they'll start to really play!

Honora said...

You are indeed beautiful, and what a unique 'blog!