Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday June 9th

st basils... was looking for a photo of the church where i was baptised, but the church burnt down it seems, and was rebuilt and reopened about 1969! there are two names onmy certificate... god parents, but i never saw them again after that day, i wonder if they are still alive and/or if they ever wondered about me!

the st basils church above of course is not in los angeles, but in russia i believe... what a fantastic place it looks, like a fairy tale castle...

the world cup is just begining on tv now, the opening celebrations... i dont go out of my way to watch football normally, but when the wold cup rolls around every four years i am hooked on it! shouting and jeering at the telly and keeping tally on who is where in the competition! weird eh!!

today, just pottered about the house... doing nomal housewifey things, plus a little time reading on the roof, clive barker has my attention for now, a book i started a month or so ago and had forgotten about sorry to say, but will finish it tomorrow i think.

still doing stuff towards moving rooms, i have thrown away a few things we dont use anymore today too! some clothes and a couple of videos, i am watching bits first to make sure, and put a couple back on the shelf, but two are in the bin...

thought after i had spoken to friends yesterday and phoned to tell him so... they can still swap the flights they have booked from malaga to luton for next week! not like the old days where you bought a package deal and lost everything! so he has time to go and change those flights and redeem a little of the money at least eh!

a friends sister said something yesterday i must pass on... i was talking about my heels! how rough they are exposed to road almost from march to october at least, barefoot sometimes but always just out there as it were... and she says she treats her feet like she does her face! and you know that makes sence dosent it... i mean i do paint my nails, like i put make up on my face, but unlike my face i just wash my feet and go! and i have a tattoo on my ankle, not exactly drawing attention away from them am i!! well she moisturises hers! no rough bits there all baby soft! and look what we do to our feet... on them for so long of the day, relying on them to carry us about yet i use and abuse them! so no more thats it, time to look after them as they look after me!

To love is to admire with the heart,
to admire is to love with the mind...


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