Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday June 5th

up close and personnal with these bulls on saturday in coín! the farmers fair i think it was, we had one a month ago on the 13th san isadoro, if you remember...

did go to work today, but no keys... so no work as we couldnt get into the shop! lost money there, we ususally do well on a monday, as probably the other days of the week, loss of incoming things too, i expect people will have either left it outside and it will be taken, or they will just dump it in the nearest bins! we did go have a coffee and waited till nearly half past ten, but no one showed up with the key and we left!

i went up to friends for coffee, then home, did a big change round at home and we are going to sleep in the other bedroom tonight and see how it works out, lots of moving and shifting stuff, did have all our clothes out, now some are packed away, the winter stuff that is.

Real riches are the riches possessed inside...


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